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Language levels

FABIA language courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages. Two to four semesters are required to reach each language level, depending on the individual learning pace.

Language level A1
A1 Level 1           Beginner
A1 Level 2           Little knowledge of German

Language level A2
A2 Level 1           Basic knowledge
A2 Level 2           In-depth basic knowledge

Language level B1
B1 Level 1           Advanced knowledge
B1 Level 2           In-depth Advanced knowledge

Language level B2
B2 Level 1           Independent language expansion
B2 Level 2           In-depth independent language expansion

Course costs

The reasonable prices (from CHF 5 per lesson) are made possible thanks to funds provided by the Cantonal Integration Programme (KIP) and contributions made by various municipalities.

Deutsch Relax
16 course weeks with 1 x 2 lessons per week = 32 lessons
Cost: CHF 160.-
Without residence at the course location: CHF 280.-

Deutsch Aktiv
16 course weeks with 2 x 2 lessons per week = 64 lessons
Cost: CHF 320.-
Without residence at the course location: CHF 520.-

Deutsch Power
16 course weeks with 2 x 3 lessons per week = 96 lessons
Cost: CHF 480.-
Without residence at the course location: CHF 520.-

Deutsch Sprint
16 course weeks with 4 x 2 lessons per week = 128 lessons
Cost: CHF 640.-
Without residence at the course location: CHF 1,040.-

Deutsch Turbo
16 course weeks with 3 x 3 lessons per week = 144 lessons
Cost: CHF 720.-
Without residence at the course location: CHF 1,170.-

KulturLegi: 30% Discount!

Check our course list for more details, and get in touch, if you have any questions.

The course costs do not include teaching materials (approx. CHF 25.-).

Self-paying persons from the asylum sector with a protection status S or a permit F must pay the higher course fee in any case.


  • Methodical approaches

    Participants are encouraged to develop their communicative and social skills. The courses build on the immigrants’ resources and life experiences in the Swiss municipalities. Materials from everyday life, such as official forms, information brochures and newspapers, are used in the lessons.

  • Organisation

    The courses take place in neighbourhood schoolhouses. The FABIA Competence Centre Migration is responsible for the overall project organisation, employment and professional supervision of the course instructors and coordinators, administration of the courses as well as cooperation with schools, the Canton of Lucerne, municipalities and other project funding institutions.

  • Course duration and times

    The courses last one semester (16 course weeks) and include two to four weekly lessons. They take place during the day or in the evening. The public school holidays apply.

  • Childcare

    In larger municipalities, childcare for preschool-age children can be offered during the German courses. The offer depends on the number of requests. The price for one child is CHF 150 per course. For a second child, there is an additional charge of CHF 100-.

Course offer

  • Literacy courses

    Participants learn to read and write our alphabet. In addition to the pronunciation of the individual letters, reading and understanding of short and simple texts are trained and oral skills are promoted (speaking and comprehension)

  • Diploma courses

    FABIA diploma courses aim to prepare students for relevant language-level examinations. Skills that are crucial for obtaining the corresponding language diploma are specifically promoted. Language diplomas are helpful for people looking for a job. They are required to obtain a settlement permit or for naturalisation.For more information, consult the fact sheet on Proof of language skills (not available in English) and the State Secretariat for Migration SEM homepage.

    You can find an overview of FABIA Lucerne's partner organisations and information regarding the recognised examination centres under Examination Centres Proof of Language Competence.

  • Conversation courses

    This course is intended for people who already speak and understand German (at least level A1). Course participants receive inputs on everyday topics such as living, working, shopping, health, authorities, children and school. Course instructors encourage participants to actively participate in conversations and support them in overcoming their inhibitions about speaking.

  • Parent-child courses

    The parent-child courses ("ElKi") allow parents to learn German with their 2- to 5-year-old children. While the children playfully approach the German language, mothers and fathers can improve their own language skills.